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Would you like to optimize your health, have more energy, lose weight, look younger and live longer?   Then an alkaline water ionizer by LIFE is something that you should consider seriously.   Drinking water from LIFE’s water ionizers promotes good health with its superior hydration, mineralization, oxygenation and cellular detoxification.   LIFE’s ionizers use a series of internal and external filtration systems and the finest-quality platinum-coated titanium plates, to create micro-clustered water with the highest anti-oxidant qualities in the industry.   The whole-home filtration systems of LIFE’s ionizers are the most cost-efficient solution to remove heavy metals, fluorides and volatile organic compounds from your home’s water.

Ionized alkaline mineral water supplies essential nutrient minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium as antioxidant ionized minerals, which fight premature aging and tissue damage in the body.   The water has an alkaline pH balance, which helps the body counter excessive acidity caused by diet, stress and other factors.

The best way to get alkaline water is with a home water ionizer.   Earth Trade Water, Inc. manufactures and distributes water ionizers, including HydraCide® ETW Commercial Ionizers™, AlkaFresh™ and Life Ionizer® brand water ionizers.   Life Ionizers has earned the recognition and received certifications from the following agencies:

Furthermore, the following products of Life Ionizers have been NSF-certified:

  • Life 38      --     5 Micron Carbon Block Prefilter;
  • Life 75      --     Hydrosafe Filtration System;
  • Life 475    --     Bottled Water Dispenser System (Flojet) and
  • HO-WHM  --     Sprite HO-WHM High-output Shower Filter.

EPA (the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) has strongly recommended that any filters used to filter city municipal water sources be NSF-certified to ensure the highest quality.   NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) International or the Public Health and Safety Company is a not-for-profit and non-governmental organization and the world leader in standards development, product certification, education and risk-management for the public.

Life Ionizers (and EarthTrade Water, Inc.) is headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif. 92011, but has offices in Canada, Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom, with distributors in 23 countries and many health businesses, health professionals and major retailers like Sears and Home Depot also selling its merchandise.   Life Ionizers ships worldwide.
Life Ionizers offers the following products:

Life Ionizers’ alkaline water ionizers are designed in the United States and manufactured in South Korea with some components from Japan.   This provides the highest quality and the best value for clients.

Along with discount coupons, limited-time special-day discounts, Life Ionizers also provides financing, while warranty for its products varies from unconditional lifetime warranty, five years full parts and labor, lifetime warranty on all parts/ten years warranty on labor, seven years full parts and labor etc. (see details on the Warranty page).   Life Ionizers’ return policy is a 60-day money-back guarantee, a full refund minus 15% return fee, subject to the terms published on the Warranty page.

Besides very useful information about water in general, the ionization process, alkaline and acidic water and its effects on the body published on the Water Facts page, Life Ionizers ( also offers on its sister website (
a high-content educational resource designed to help people achieve their best life through the principles of Alkaline Living.   Free books and free DVDs are also available.

By phone, Life Ionizers is available seven days a week.

Life Ionizers: What makes it different?

Why should I buy an alkaline water ionizer from Life Ionizers, and not from any other company?   That’s a good question, but not a difficult one to answer, given the fact that Life Ionizers has got all the factors that make this provider as the best in the marketplace.

The reasons that differentiate Life Ionizers positively from other competitors are:

  • Before making your purchase, you can first get all the useful information about water, the ionization process, alkaline and acidic water and its effects on the body from Life Ionizers’ website (   Then, you switch to its sister website (, which is a high-content educational resource designed to help people achieve their best life through the principles of Alkaline Living.   Then again, you can order on a free book and free DVDs on this subject;
  • If this is not enough or if you have questions to ask, Life Ionizers is available seven days a week by phone;
  • Unlike other providers, Life Ionizers offers a wide array of alkaline water ionizers, so that you can pick your choice based on the knowledge you have gained from reading and viewing the information;
  • Life Ionizers is well accredited in alkaline water ionization technology.   It has received certifications from various authoritative agencies.   LIFE Ionizers™ is the first and only alkaline water ionizer listed in the 2009 Physicians' Desk Reference® for Nonprescription Drugs, Dietary Supplements and Herbs;     
  • Life Ionizers’ products are generally competitive in pricing.
Life Ionizers vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Life Ionizers)

As various competitors’ brands like Jupiter, Enagic, KYK Genesis, Athena and Kangen have been compared with the products of Life Ionizers on, let us choose other competitors that have not been presented on the website, i.e. and, to compare with Life Ionizers.

Factors that benefit and that are demanding to Life Ionizers in comparing this company with its two competitors are:
The pros:
1. Both and offer much less products than Life Ionizers, thus customers have less options to choose from when shopping in their stores;
2. Both and are much less accredited than Life Ionizers (Life Ionizers has received numerous certifications from various authoritative agencies), so that both appear less credible than Life Ionizers to customers;
3. By phone, Life Ionizers is available seven days a week.   It also offers free books and free DVDs and provides plenty of useful information about water in general, the ionization process, alkaline and acidic water and its effects on the body, while its sister website (, which is accessible on, is a high-content educational resource designed to help people achieve their best life through the principles of Alkaline Living.   All this is helpful to customers in making their purchase and to Life Ionizers in its sales operation.
The cons:
1. Having offices in Canada, Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom, along with its headquarters in Carlsbad, Calif. 92011, and with distributors in 23 countries and many health businesses, health professionals and major retailers like Sears and Home Depot also selling its merchandise, besides the pros, Life Ionizers has also to shoulder more responsibilities than its two competitors;
2. Unlike the websites of its two competitors, the website of Life Ionizers has more aspects in its content and thus requires more time to take care of;
3. In order to remain ahead of the next technological advancement, Life Ionizers can never stop imagining newer innovations and the
research engineers and hydrologists at Life Ionizers have to continuously upgrade and design the most advanced alkaline ionized
water systems.

Life Ionizers: Pricing & packages

Actually, the prices of Life Ionizers’ products cannot be compared with the prices of other brands, since the products of Life Ionizers are more superior in quality, as evidenced by the numerous certifications from authoritative agencies and appreciative receptions from customers.   However, the comparison below shows Life Ionizers is generally competitive in pricing.                

Life Ionizers:
Life Ionizer 9100 (free shipping) ………………………………………………………………............................    $2,497
     (Nine plates, double dipped platinum coated titanium, mesh or flat plate options, 386 watts,
     extreme filtration, lifetime warranty, pH between 2.5 up to 11, ORP reading up to –800,
     factory certified ISO 9001 & ISO 14001, UL-listed, listed in Physicians Desk Reference,
     has received over 10 major certifications, A+ BBB rating, SMPS power, amperage
     adjustments for optimal hard water performance, customized water report, customized
     external filter system, dual internal filters, chloramine reduction system, vitamin C
     ceramic block filter technology, anti scale system, UV light system, energy frequency module
     EFT, convertible to under-counter, smart faucet system)
MMP 9090 Turbo Extreme Water Ionizer ………………………………………………………...........................   $3,495 + shipping
     (Nine plates, solid/mesh hybrid plate technology, over 375 watts, extreme filtration,         
     lifetime warranty, pH between 2.3 to 12, factory certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, UL-listed,     
     SMPS power, over 50 power settings, one-touch technology, certified chemical and lead-free,
     ultra-violet alternative (UVA), Polarity Anti Scale Technology-PAST)
NewCell Turbo Revelation Undersink Water Ionizer Machine ………………………………….....................    $2,195
     (Nine platinum-titanium plates, slotted plate technology, 300 watts, 5-year parts, labor and
     shipping warranty/lifetime warranty on plates, 76 pH levels, 7-color LCD screen: displays pH,
     ORP, filter life and more, SMPS electrical system, four-filter system, automatic cleaning system)

Life Ionizers: Product images & screenshots
Life Ionizers Coupons
Get $500 Off On LIFE Ionizer M7C @ Life Ionizers
Life Ionizers: Customer reviews & comments

Besides the numerous testimonials posted on, there are plenty of customers’ reviews on the Web about Life Ionizers, which are mostly positive.   Have a look.                        

Published on                                                                                                                                                        1) I heard about this water and went there for a couple of weeks to get free samples. I bought one of their one gallon eco-friendly bottles and brought it home daily. Great results and I have seen differences in how i feel. I felt it would help my whole family so i bought one of the life ionizers and have had it for a few months now and love it. Just bought one of their pitchers of life so i can take it with me when i travel to have the alkaline mineral ionized water. now recommend it to my friends. Never realized how important good water was to my health. they have a website at so check out all of their articles!
       - Rick H., Feb. 4, 2012
2) I did a lot of research prior to committing to Life Ionizers. I found that Life offers a quality product at much more reasonable prices than their competitors. Very professional sales staff and excellent customer service.
       - Eugene B., May 18, 2010
3) These guys are awesome! Top of the line Water Ionizers, superb Research and Development going on and wicked customer service!  You can not go wrong.
       - Karen, May 11, 2010

Published on                                                                                                                                               Great Company! I recommended them to my Son.
I bought an ionizer from life ionizers about 3 years ago. I liked the fact that they customized my filtration system and the water has done wonders for my health. At 62 years of age I appreciate things that optimize my health and well being. I called up to get new filters and they told me how to maintain my machine, which was great. The good deal was that 3 years after I bought my machine they sent me a free one year membership in their alkaline lifestyle health community. Great information on having a healthier lifestyle!
- Henry, Encinitas, Feb. 21, 2012

Published on
Life Ionizer 9100 -- Love this under counter model.
My Wife wanted a high quality ionizer that went under the sink. We did a LOT of research and the life ionizers came out at the top as they have been around a long time and are worldwide and recommended by a lot of doctors and athletes which was impressive to us. they have a lot of great options on the ionizer. I had a buddy install it and he called their customer technical department and they walked him through it. They even had a DVD with the instructions. The stainless steel faucet looks good on the counter and my Wife is happy and that makes me happy!  I bought this a few months ago and have really noticed a difference and so has my Wife. Lost weight and have more energy. Thanks Amazon!
- R. Henry, Oct. 14, 2011

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A good product, although expensive. Very thorough review, thanks! Promoted since I am out of votes for today.

Excellent review. Thanks

Exceptional review! Not sure if I would purchase this product though. LOL Voted

Re-visiting. ; )

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