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Website Review & Ratings + Coupons

Aquasana Eq-300 well

Sun water systems located in Texas was founded by Charles strand, who has received 17 US patents in water filtration. Sun water systems have been manufacturing high end water filters since 1997. The sun water systems manufacture’s the home water filter brand Aquasana. The product we are going to talk about is the Rhino whole house water filter Eq-300-well. The aim of Aquasana is to not only provide people with clean water at their homes for drinking, washing and bathing. But to save the environment also by encouraging consumers to use less disposable plastic bottles because of their negative effects on the environment. Its initial cost might be on the higher side as compared to regular water filter system but its benefits are enormous as well. When clean water comes through every tap of the house, you feel much safer.

The Aquasana products include:

Aquasana: What makes it different?

Aquasana Eq-300 well: What makes it different?

  • Years of research and product development have led Aquasana to become the No 1 rated home water filtration system in America.
  • The Aquasana EQ-300-well is a deluxe, high capacity water filter system that has the highest certified rating of any whole house water filter in Northern America.
  • The EQ-300-well has been in the market for ten years and has been evaluated by underwriter’s laboratories for more than 3 years.
  • The Eq-300-well fulfills the customers all important needs.
  • The EQ-300-well reduces 99% of chlorine, taste and odors.
  • The EQ-300-well reduces elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide.
  • The EQ-300-well reduces access levels of iron that cause rust and iron stains.
  • The EQ-300-well removes dirt and microscopic particles with the five-micron pre-filter.
  • The EQ-300-well makes sure that there is no drainage, back flushing or water wastage.
  • The EQ-300-well keeps the pipes cleaner and protects them from rust or scale buildup.
  • The indoor air quality improves because of the EQ-300-well as unfiltered water causes high levels of chloroform gas in the house.
Aquasana vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Aquasana)

EQ-300 vs. other competitors

Aquasana being the leading home water filtration system in America has its products at the top. The EQ-300-well is considered to be the best home water filtration system, with the NSF 42 certification and a chlorine reduction of 97%. The leading competitors for Eq-300-well are the Crystal Quest big heavy duty and the Cuzn WH-200B. The crystal quest is much more cost effective than the Eq-300-well and has a better water flow of 8 gallons per minute, but the EQ-300-well beats it in the water filtration because crystal quest does not have the NSF 42 certification and is much more ineffective in reducing chlorine for the water. Another factor that gives EQ-300-well an edge over the Crystal clear big heavy duty is its water capacity. The Eq-300-well can store up to 300000 Gallons of water which is almost double to that of the Crystal Quest which is only 160000 gallons of water.

The second in the list of the competitors is the Cuzn WH-200B. The Cuzn Wh-200B with a 10 year warranty on its tanks, 500000 Gallons of water capacity, a less 1cent per gallon cost and a very powerful water flow rate of 8 gallons per minute seems to sound a very attractive home water filtration system but what most people don’t know about it is that it has no NSF 42 certification, it needs a media replacement after every 500000 gallons and it requires a proper drainage, electricity cost, backwashing is needed and it also wastes water. On the other hand the EQ-300-well is very much environment friendly and requires no electricity, no drainage and produces no waste water thus making it a better choice than the Wh-200B.

Similar to Aquasana Eq-300 well

Aquasana: Pricing & packages

Pricing and packages

Aquasana offers variety of prices on their products. The EQ-300-well has a listed price of $1799 but Aquasana   offers a 30% discount on its all home filtration systems thus bringing down the price to $1259.30 making it a $539.7 saving. The EQ-300-well comes with a 3 year warranty and a 90 days satisfaction guarantee. There is also a limited time offer of free home delivery if you order now. But this option is available only if you are living in North America. Aquasana’s other products also have an affordable price including:

  • Drinking water replacement filter, AQ-4035, with a discounted price of $59.99.
  • Kor one bottle with a list price of $29.95.
  • Shower filter with handheld wand with a marked price of $104.95 and a discounted price of $83.96.
  • Premium under counter water filter AQ-4601 with a marked price of $249.99 and a discounted price of $199.99.
  • Deluxe inline water filter with a marked price $59.99 and discounted price of $47.99.

Aquasana: Product images & screenshots
Aquasana Coupons
Aquasana: Customer reviews & comments

Reviews and comments on EQ-300-well from around the web

The customers using EQ-300-well seem to be very satisfied and feel safe about this product as it insures their healthy life through clean water and also does not has any harmful effect on the environment. Some of the satisfied customers put their words something like this

Cheri Silva (Tyler, TX, US) says: “I have been using my Aquasana EQ-300 whole house water filtration system for about 5 weeks. I am pleased beyond belief. The price was so reasonable for such a quality. The water is pure, clean and tastes delicious. I noticed that the pre filter is already getting very dirty. No wonder our pipes get so much build-up and debris over the years. It’s hard to understand how the water district can charge for such filthy water. Also, one couldn’t ask for better customer service. It was excellent. If you are looking for the best whole house water filtration system on the market then please go no further. This is it!”

Terry Bickel (Windsor, wi US) says: “This should be installed in every home. Although care must be taken when assembling the plastic fitting to prevent leakage, once installed it is the best tasteless, colorless, odorless water I have ever tasted. No more itchiness when I finish showering. I had the water tested for chlorine a week after it was installed and the test showed zero parts per million. A great improvement will be to include all brass fittings. I would have gladly paid a bit more for them. Overall I am quite happy with the water quality and would recommend this unit to anyone even slightly concerned about the inherent problems of bottled H2O”.

In the end I would rate EQ-300-well 5 out of 5 and recommend people to buy EQ-300-well water filtration system to ensure a healthy and safe family and environment.

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